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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Featured Member Writer

Carol Parsons
Carol Parsons is a long-time sci fi fan living in rural West Texas. She and her husband have raised four children in the tradition of Star Trek and Star Wars and she is an aficionado of Japanese animé.
When not working on a novel, Carol is the editor of The Colorado City Record (in Texas, not Colorado) and has a degree in journalism.
She had published Advent Phoenix (Vol. 1 in the Journals of the Peregrine series) and Dictates of Conscience (Vol. 2). both books are stand alone stories, since Carol hates "Borg" series, i.e. seven of nine series where every book has to be read before a story is resolved.
Carol's experiences overseas in Ecuador, her love for the land and different cultures show up in her character-driven novels.
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